What is it about going away that makes me sleepy?  It didn’t help that the people above us in our unit were rather noisy last night. They started playing music around 10:00. Actually, I am one of those people who is always tired.  No matter how much sleep I get I am tired. It isn’t low thyroid or iron or B 12. I eat really well and take supplements.  Most days I go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time. Part of being tired all time is depression but even when my mood is in a good place I feel tired. My mom was the same. 

This was funny.  So, we are on one of the smaller islands right now. Life is very, very laid back.  People wear overalls and rubber boots. Women don’t wear makeup. There are two grocery stores and a coffee shop. There are also two restaurants. A pizza place and a pub. This time of the year everything closes down early. Yesterday afternoon we had a nap and woke up late and first went to the pizza place for dinner. It had already closed. We then went to the pub and the parking lot was packed. We snuck into a parking spot of our own creation. We were told that they were no longer serving food. Why? Because there was a town meeting. And the topic? (OMG. You can’t make this stuff up. I want to move here.) “Oh, Rats! The Nature of Rodents and the Art of Trapping and Controlling Them.”  What they intend to do with the rats is not known as we didn’t stay. 

Here are some pictures. 

The water really is that colour.

One more funny thing. This place has sugar ants. Most people would complain. What do we do? We feed them! ūüėĀ


A Car Post

Last time my husband and I went away I wrote a post in the car and so I thought I would do another one.  We are driving along, listening to Neil Diamond. Does anyone not like Neil Diamond?

It is my annual Spring Fling. Every Spring I get rid of things I no longer need, want or use. Things that no longer serve a purpose get either donated, recycled or thrown out. My goal is ten items everyday for ten days. So far I have a lot of clothes. ¬†I’ve lost weight and only a few pair of pants still fit. Because I’m cheap, I don’t want to buy new clothes until I hit my goal weight but it’s starting to feel like I a never going to get to my goal weight. It’s only 14 more pounds but there has been almost no shift since January. ¬†My commitment is to do it sensibly so I won’t do anything drastic or unhealthy to get there. I have seen it over and over in my weight loss support group. Losing huge amounts of weight in short periods of time only to put it back on. One lady lost 160 pounds using some type of supplement. As soon as she stopped taking it she put on 36 pounds in a month. Another member has cut calories to 800 a day. ¬†It is almost to impossible to maintain that.

Here is this. Last year we put out Mason bee tubes. ¬†ūüźĚ The bees gather mud, lay two eggs in each section then fill the rest of the tube with more mud. After that, they die. ¬†Here are the tubes and the house the tubes go in.

This is what the inside of the tubes look like.

If you look you can see the larvae. In a week or so they’ll wake up and the process starts again. ¬†They are great pollinators!

In other news, I’m pretty sure Norbert has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

We start our house painting next week. The colours have been chosen and the painter booked. I’m not sure how this is going to play out because I have a latex allergy. It should be okay as long as I don’t touch the paint and not be in the same room. And I have an Epi-pen. And I live close to a hospital. The night before I will take antihistamines.

We are in the middle of nowhere right now and I have to go to the bathroom. Story of my life.



On Acupuncture- I have been going. Had I mentioned that previously? Because my shoulder injury still causes me pain. Still no affirmative diagnosis. Physiotherapy didn’t help. The therapist is “WCB approved”. Which tells me that he will err on the side of WCB. Massage helps a lot but I can’t afford it even with my extended benefits. So acupuncture it is. How anyone ever thought that sticking needles into your body would be a good idea is a mystery. Not sure if it’s helping or not. Maybe a little. ¬†I do love my acupuncturist though. He is a meek and gentle man that wears soft cardigans and has a calming voice. He is also doing cupping on me. Cupping is what you see on athletes. ¬†It leaves circles wherever the cups were placed. He uses suction instead of the traditional flame. ¬†Has anyone ever tried acupuncture? You have to stay very, very still while the needles are in place which is very hard to do. For me anyway. Nobody else receiving treatment in the room seems to have trouble. In fact, they fall asleep.

On Falling – I’ve worked in Home Support in some form or another for 16 years and have become quite good at it. Most seniors do not want to get a walker. They can fall daily and still not want to get one. “They are for old people”, is a common excuse. (“You’re 93!” ¬†I do not say this out loud.). But I can get almost any senior to agree to a walker. I sit down and tell them about one of two scenarios. The first, they could fall, break a hip and die. It would be sad and an unnecessary way to go about dying. The other is this. It freaks them all out. They could fall, break a hip and end up in a FACILITY. I always stress the word facility. Or I use the words, a nursing home. I tell them they might have to wear a diaper and live in a geri-chair. They will have to be toileted. They will have to leave their home. This gets them every time. It has never failed to work. Have I already talked about this? ¬†I think I have.

On Running – Do they still do the 12 minute run in high school? Maybe it was a Canadian thing. Or a British Columbia thing. Or maybe it was a diabolical creation of the PE teachers in my high school. My biggest problem was I had undiagnosed asthma and those runs would all but kill me. I would turn blue but didn’t realize that it wasn’t normal to be so out of breath. When I was 23 I was finally diagnosed and everything fell into place. No wonder I couldn’t run 15 laps like everyone else. I lagged behind. Far, far behind. I could get 3 on a good day. ¬†It cemented my hatred for running. I do love swimming though. Love it. I feel more at home in the water than on land. It could say it was because I was a dolphin in my previous life but I think it’s because I’m a little bit chunky, even though I’m 25 pounds lighter than last August.

On Spring – It is a fabulously sunny day here. It actually hot for this time of year. Even Norbert has moved to the shade. Here he is sitting by the hot tub. He has scrunched and bunched up the towels I had out to suit his own needs.

On Flooding – Yesterday our kitchen sink flooded and ran into the basement. Water everywhere. It appears to have been just a loose pipe and has been fixed but what a mess! Oh well. At least it’s clean under the kitchen sink now. And the basement floor.


I Forgot About This

When I was on my blog break my 13th blogging anniversary passed. ¬†Sorry, the word blogiversary annoys me. No idea why. ¬†It just does. My first blog is here if you are interested. I had a few blogs in between my first and this one. One I lost completely. It seems I am one of the few that has held out this long because nobody that read my first blog still writes except for Cathrine at Weeding the Garden.¬† Does anyone else ever go back and read their own posts? ¬†I rarely do. And when I do I usually don’t remember whatever it was that I wrote about. Maybe that is the point of keeping an online journal. ¬†To remember. Maybe one day my great, great, great, great grandchildren will read this.

My husband hasn’t missed his yellow shirt yet.

Absolutely nothing interesting happened today at work. I did get lost. How a person can get lost when she has lived in the same city since birth and has a functional GPS is beyond me but I manage to do it. Rather consistently, I might add.

Canadian is taking off Call the Midwife the roster. How dare they! Just so you US people know, ¬†Canadian Netflix isn’t the same as American Netflix. It has about 1/3 the titles. We still don’t have Seasons 4 and 5 of Call the Midwife.

OMG! I just saw the first fly of 2017. I shall kill it.

Nevermind.  It was the outside, not on the inside. It has escaped a certain death.


We spent the morning in the garden today. ¬† I pulled one large green garbage can of weeds. ¬†And a lot of moss. ¬†We lost a few plants over the winter because of the snow. One was a Carnation. It was rotted through. I cut it back to the ground so there may be hope for it but I doubt it. ¬†I’m pretty sure a rose bush needs to go. It’s old and has never bloomed well. It gets a rose or two that the deer eat. Most of the weeds were easy to pull because the ground has been saturated but others have deep roots that go into a yard 3 neighborhoods over. ¬†At least that is what it felt like. ¬†Some of those weeds grow so quick. Maybe in a matter of seconds because I would just get an area completed and move onto a new section, look back and there were weeds in the previous spot. It is a mysterious thing. Anyway, the weeds are gone. For now. It’s not time to plant, there is still snow on the mountain but soon. At least I hope so.

We are making ribs tonight. I don’t think I have ever made ribs before. They are in the oven right now. ¬†And we are watching Judge Judy. A young woman just said, “Me and him was together…” ¬†I cringed. “He and I were together…”

Guess what? I work this week then next week I am on holidays. It’s only 5 days but I am really looking forward to having a break from work. ¬†We are going here. It will likely be raining but that is to be expected.

Here is something. ¬†I have blogged in the past about our ¬†marriage troubles. I am happy to say over the last few months things have been improving greatly. We are communicating. We are spending a lot of time together. ¬†Two things that can make or break a relationship. I look forward to coming home from work and my days off. He is being so thoughtful and going out of his way to do little things for me like making me breakfasts that I can take with me to work, making dinner and countless other small ¬†and not so small things. Most nights we get naked and go into the hot tub together before bed. We hold hands when we go out. We do funny things that are private jokes between us. ¬†For instance, he has this shirt that I absolutely hate. He got it for $1.99 at The Gap. It’s the ugliest yellow puce thing. My husband is quite fair and I tell him it makes him “look like he has the jaundice”. ¬†So today I hid it. He hasn’t missed it yet. I’ve been threatening to hide it for awhile. ¬†I will keep you updated.

And I’m pretty sure there was a spider in my hair for a good part of the afternoon that got in when I was outside because when I brushed my hair several hours after I found a little brown spider on my shirt.


It’s Only a Matter of Time Until I Go Mad

Mary Moon did a blog post the other day saying she had been in an itchy mean mood all day. We all have days like that don’t we? I left a comment on Mary’s blog about my own grumpy days. Most days, I am pretty cheerful. Ask my clients. Don’t ask my husband or my kids.

My comment (with a few edits) was, 

… I live across the street from a provincial park so we get a lot of people walking by our house. Sometimes, if I am in a  foul mood I think about shouting curses at them out my front window. The joggers who run up and down my street about 20 times in a row in spandex who always look totally miserable but especially pious would be my first object of scorn. Then the people who smoke and flick cigarette butts on the road. I would yell at young children and tell them how we acted in “my” generation. Nobody would be safe from my scorn if I just went with it one day. I wonder what would need to happen to put me over the edge and get to that point? It’s a precarious situation. One day. One day.

PS- If you look closely you can see the tiny green buds on my tree in front of my wondow. I have named the tree Brianna. 


They Are Back

Just when you think about selling your house and moving to Yuma, Arizona, the sunniest place on earth, the crocuses bloom and poof, just like that you are headed outside to pull weeds. It’s been a long winter. Yes, it has. Sitting on my place on the love seat I can see the tree in front of our house starting the tiniest buds of green. You have to really look but they are there.

This morning my husband and I went and looked at paint samples. ¬†Now, let me be honest. They are all the same to me. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Indigo. Violet. ¬†Black. White. Fortunately there was a lovely young woman there named Nyomi that was cute as a button that helped us decide. We chatted about the unusual spelling of her name and her creative mom. She told me that her mom is amazing and very different. Well, Nyomi’s mom. You raised a great woman. Yes, you did.

Do you know where my husband is right now? He has gone to pick up some lumber that he saw thrown into the bushes by the side of the road. I have married my father. My dad does that. If he sees something free on the side of the road he will pick it up. Used to drive my mom crazy.  My dad was and still is a pack rat. My husband, not so much but he does love a bargain. He is going to use this free lumber to make another raised garden which I think is a great idea.

G¬†(I don’t know why random letters show up in my posts. A few days ago it was a Q. ¬†Wordpress won’t let me delete them.)

This is how close Norbert is sitting to me right now.  I do love the beast.